Spring Families

Last night the theme of family was strongly in force. Is Clare's wham-blam-thank-you-ma'am character trying to nest or just have a big party? Mandeep told the heartbreaking story of a family's destruction stemming from the father's attempts to prove the infallible union of his marriage. Finally Mary's protagonist saves her beloved family at the cost of herself. Wonderful pieces all round.

This was the second week running without the pub. I blame lent's air of abstinence. Next time, Clare's sitting in for the committee and it will be almost Easter so there has to be drinking. WGWG commands it.

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Some great writing followed by no drinking whatsoever...

So, last night we had Tracey reading a new piece about an Australian woman arriving at a not very welcoming boarding house - well, I wouldn't want to stay there!  Clare read another cracking excerpt from her latest book.  I really look forward to hearing her read at the group, she has such a way with words and I can't wait to find out how this story develops. Her description of a woman waking up in the morning after the night before with a man she doesn't know that well was spot on, so well observed.

We had a flying visit from Jeff Achampong who promised terminator style, 'I'll be back', and we certainly hope so Jeff. Then we admired the new coffee machine which looks very complicated and is covered in dials and buttons  ( must try and work out how to use it ) Then your dedicated committee members had to knuckle down to some very boring committee work, and thus we did not go to the pub - see what sacrifices we make for you! I trust normal service will be resumed at the next group on April 3rd.

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The waiting is the hardest part

Really looking forward to seeing everyone tonight - rumour has it there is a new coffee machine in place and I'm guessing that's not all that will be brewing tonight...I mean some great stories brewing - geddit :-)

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Marching on World Book Day

So tonight was World Book Day and what better way to celebrate than to be swaddled in wonderful words. We reunited with Tracey's wondering, wandering ingenue. Mary mused on loss, doughnuts and jack rabbits. Mandeep had us meditating on being coerced into finding enlightenment and Clare had us all hot under the collar with the frolicking antics of a bonneted lady in full bloom.

Then it was on to the pub to discuss Lily departure to Ukraine. We wish her luck with her endeavours and look forward to hearing all that is going on there, no doubt delivered in Lily's wonderful prose.

Next meeting on the 20th March. Look forward to seeing you there. 

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Queens Parade rocks

Wgwg eschewed their second February meeting in order to give their full attention to the Queens Parade 2nd anniversary shindig - and what a good idea that turned out to be! The whole parade was filled with enthusiastic people taking in, amongst other delights, the Encounters exhibition in the BAR Gallery whilst another exhibition in the Unlimited Print shop had some live art going on before your very eyes.  There were lots of interesting things to admire and buy in Pop Up Wonderland - I bought a fab silver broach for only £8 - bargain!  There was no shortage of things to see and do, in fact it was so crowded we couldn't even get into the room to hear the poetry and storytelling - that will teach us to get there earlier next time.  Despite the recent weather they managed to get an almost continental vibe going, with people wondering about Walm Lane clutching glasses of wine and chatting.  Add to this some great live music from Creative Cricklewood and lots of  food and drink from local businesses plus the launch of a book all about the regeneration of the local area and it all added up to a great evening.  Well done to everyone involved, you certainly know how to put on a party Queen Parade - can't wait for the next one :-)

Normal wgwg service is now resumed, our next meeting is March 6th - so get writing!

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Basking in the glow of new enthusiasm

So our first official group of 2014 went well. Really well in fact. A whole heap of newbies joined us in our new space and read some fantastic pieces. We had  wishful radio drama , a majestic terrain traversed on two wheels, Cuba through the eyes of an almost Cuban, before an encounter with police in a case of maybe mistaken identity. We'll have to wait for part two to find out for sure. Then we were treated to the heartbreak of a child's questionable attempts at first aid.  Such good writing , such renewed enthusiasm.  The idea of a new anthology doesn't seem so distant any more.

We also heard about the opportunity to collaborate in some interesting up and coming art. So watch this space for more info on that.

Next session on the 20th of February will be the 2yr birthday of the guys at Queen's Parade including BAR gallery. There'll be a book launch and live music and socialising and fun. There won't be any readings so no official group as such but come along and celebrate with BAR and others.

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6th February...

Despite the best efforts of wind, rain, tube strikes and who knows what else - snow? extraterrestrial invasions? bubonic plague, whatever - we will be carrying on regardless tomorrow!  Hope to see you at BAR at 7.30pm.

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