What we talk about when we talk (or don't talk) about writing

It began as all great nights begin, with two women conversing on subjects such as the reactions when liquid meets leather, how to properly dry your feet and how best to set up a small business selling the wares of your hobbies. This all female Waiting for Godot people certainly passed the Bechdel test. We'd resigned to our fate and were just about to pack up and leave when lo and behold, there were people.*

Six in total with two readers. Vince gave us the beginnings of a story about a fortunate man and the group discussed how best  to unravel the soul of the piece through standard or non-standard writing devices. Alistair treated us to another snippet of sci-fi, letting us into a world where you have another option to standing when there are no seats left on public transport. In our world, we learned there are other options when you don't have paper to take notes  and you don't want to be fiddling around searching and interrupting someone's reading.

 Will be better prepared next time. *NEW PROTOCOL: Facilitators will now allow a minimum of 15mins and a maximum of 30mins to see if anyone turns up before abandoning ship. 

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Lost Souls and Confinement ( with added Science Fiction)

Six people tonight, with one apology from Marsha, whose mother is ill ( we hope you get well soon Marsha's Mother) and a we have another newbie folks, name of Sally ( welcome Sally!)

So, we started off with another installment of Alistair's Science Fiction novel which introduced us to a character called Drag - I wouldn't want to have a close encounter with her to be honest. Still don't know where this is going, and still enjoying it very much.

Occasional visitor Judy ( come more often Judy -  really)  read a short piece which was part of an exercise to write about being 'confined' and I think she managed it very well.  Only 250 words and quite a lot packed in, but  I wonder how she would manage with our 50 word challenge - remember that one people?

Judith continued her booze soaked odyssey featuring Dolgo,  um, I meant Dolgo is booze soaked - or did I? ;-)  Still a wonderful, original voice, I wonder where he is going to end up?  I hope there's a good ending in store for Dolgo, he's such an intriguing character.  Take another look at the lost soul slumped in the entrance to the train station as you begin your journey home tonight folks - they might just be a Dolgo...

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Oh, What a Night!

What a night!  I looked out the window and thought, surely no one is going to come out in this?  I was going to cancel due to, 'inclement weather' but then decided to live up to the motto of the Windmill, mainly, 'We never close' (though admittedly we have far fewer undressed ladies than the Windmill) So I literally waded through the streets to Willesden Green - and guess how many people turned up - nine.  Oh yes, wgwg'ers are made of stern stuff, and not only that, there were four newbies amongst us.

We had a new story from Clare which we must hear more of, such beautiful descriptions, particularly of a garden in Autumn, and a woman who obviously has issues with her father, I wonder where Clare is going to take us with this story?  Victoria gave us the beginning of her new version of an old murder based on the notorious Red Barn Murders which took place in the early 1900's, I certainly hope we get to hear more of this one as well.  Alistair's creepy alien continues to astonish, not only is he eating with his spoon and proceeding to eat the said spoon, he now sort of deconstructs his body as well (you had to be there) I have no idea where he is going with this piece but I am really enjoying the ride.  Lily's new piece left us stunned into silence - it's a beautifully written piece with so many levels to it and it's so different to her other writing, she is full of surprises.  I don't know when we will get to hear the rest of it as Lily is off on her travels, but it will be worth the wait.

So, as you can see, despite the weather, we had a really good session and those who weren't still soaked to the skin went off to the pub ( jealous moi?) So what happened in the pub must remain in the pub - I went home to a warm bath...

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Nice to see you, to see you nice!

So off we go again, the first wgwg for a while, it's nice to be back.

So, Marsha has lots of things to think about. For instance, is her protagonist running an up market classy sort of,  'Gentleman's Executive Relief Service' or is she running a scuzzy massage parlour? How much does she charge for her services and how is it collected?  Who is stealing the money, and how?  So many things to think about, it's not easy writing these short stories you know, but we did have a very interesting discussion about various types of massage parlours and the services they offer.

And Judith's protagonist is still in an alcohol infused state - or is he?  Is it all a dream, an alternative universe or is it the gospel truth as Dolgo sees it, or a mixture of all three?  I don't know as yet, but it's a blast finding out. what a fabulous piece of writing.

See you on the 15th...

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It's that time again!

Yes folks September 1st is nearly upon us.  I hope you have used the summer break to get those creative juices flowing, 'cos I for one,  am really looking forward to hearing your new work.  Whether you are an old hand or a newbie looking to join,  just turn up at Willesden Green Library in the Education Room at 6pm  - and let the reading begin.

September 1st, usual place, usual time - and don't be late ( you know who you are!)

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We'll meet again...

Well, it may be due to a certain 'end of term' atmosphere, or maybe it was just the good old wgwg magic at work, but last night's group was simply just great. You should have been there, really you should.  It had everything wgwg is about - fabulous writing, lots of helpful comments and suggestions from old friends and new, and it all ended up in a candlelit pub with gales of laughter.  I just hope a certain cyclist got home in one piece...

Don't forget we will meet up again, same time, same place on September 1st. So have a great summer wgwg'ers, see you in September - and please - keep writing!

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Nothing to report. Nada, Rien, Zip

 So, um, I have nothing to report other than it was half term and I was there, ready willing and ( sort of  ) able, but where were you, oh my WGWG'ers?

 If you turned up after 6.30 I apologise but really, how long is a girl supposed to wait? Back in the day I only waited thirty minutes for Steve Williams to turn up before I left in a huff and I really, really fancied him.

So anyway, I went home after patiently waiting for thirty minutes for someone (anyone) to turn up and I opened a bottle of wine and watched a documentary about fascism and architecture, which I found very interesting though the presenter was annoying...

 The next group on June 16th is the last before the Summer break, so make sure you get there on time!  You have been warned, thirty minutes on my own, never mind Steve Williams, and I'm off...

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