Storm in a teacup

For years people have sneered at me for living in Willesden. Imagine how I happy I was then, when yesterday the storm wreaked havoc, death and destruction... almost all my work colleagues had trouble getting home... and they were green-eyed with jealousy when they realised that my beloved Jubilee line was still working.

On the other hand, I did get mugged on my way home from the tube.

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2 Responses to Storm in a teacup

alteredhands said...

Who the hell is this genius. Someone get me his or her contact details... a publishing contract is winging its way to you in the post. Well, Royal Mail and all that. Not winging. More limping.

clixby said...

How could you be happy about the storm when it resulted in the cancellation of the Willesden Green Writing Group? Explain yourself sir!


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