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On 19th January at the College of NW London in Willesden at 7pm there is a meeting about the fact the council want to knock down Willesden Green Library Centre in order to re-build it as a complex with space for social housing. The new complex is due to re-open in 2014. I don't know when the library is due to close but I'm guessing it must be fairly soon.

There are lots of questions to be answered, amongst them, why are they knocking down a building that received a £336500 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund as recently as 2006 in order to incorporate the Brent Museum into the building? They say they will replace the present library and incorporate it in the new building, but they said that about my local library in a new complex they have just opened in Northolt - and the 'new library' consists of about five bookcases of 'bestsellers' and virtually no non-fiction and one shelf of reference books - yes it's a library - but only just.

Where the wgwg will meet if/when the library is knocked down is something that we will need to think about - I am sure we will find somewhere but I also think we need to ask the council some questions about this decision to knock down a building that has has so much spent on it so recently!

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Q said...

You could hold the group at my house... in SE15. Wishful thinking! Missing you one and all, Rachel xxx


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