Like You Do

Thought it was going to be a damp squib tonight what with people away on holiday or lecturing at Syracuse university ( like you do) but you know what - it turned out to be a really good night. In fact for the first time in ages, we didn't get around to hearing everyone read.  Sorry Lily - you are first up on September 6th,  if you are back from sailing around Menorca and travelling around Siberia ( like you do ).
We heard Clare's continuing children's story which is reaching a thrilling climax and Steve's Irish family saga, told in his inimitable style. Newcomer Su read a fantastic short story set within the Sri Lankan community which, with some slight adjustments, will be a stomping good read, and to finish we had a poem that has a lot of potential from another newcomer, or should I say 'returner',  Abina.  Then off to the pub until eleven thirty to discuss, amongst other things, biros, propelling pencils and vomit ( like you do )

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3 Responses to Like You Do

Anonymous said...

well like some people do Steve - the before bit sounds less scary than the after, on this occasion.

[will now attempt to prove not a robot for comment moderation. always tricky...and usually takes me about 4 screen refreshes]


ps this time had to be reminded which 'identity' I own

clixby said...

Steve? Steve? T'was not Steve T'was I, Anne wot wrote this twaddle!

Ossian said...

I play all the parts. Haha.


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