Writers on Tea

A good night, despite a mysterious 'no show' -you know who you are, and what you missed and then Lynsey couldn't make it because she is ill ( get well soon - keep taking the pills ).

So, Lynn read a piece called Diamond in the Rough,  well that's what it was called until Bilal got to work on it anyway. It's going to be a fine piece of work once she has buffed it up (sorry).  We all have favourite stories about our families and Lynn brings hers to life with such a true, delicate touch - lovely.

Bilal came dressed as a fisherman ( don't ask ) and read out another instalment of his fine book - with added Hermann Hesse, and why not...

SJ - some of us got the story straight away, others were a bit mystified at first, then the penny dropped.  The main message to take away from it is firstly,  that SJ is a fine writer, and secondly, don't ever, ever annoy her.

Then to the pub, where two of us sat drinking cups of tea - shocking.  Dylan Thomas would be turning in his grave...

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