Delicious Little Bites

So we had our taster session. Some new faces came along to see what it was all about.

Tracey treated us with a glimpse into the mind of an observant muser and we gave her a taste of what critiquing is about. Anne's serving of a ghoulish nursery had us all missing our old digs  appreciating our new home. Lynn's gave us iced caked dreams of the wars we kept fighting. Lily allowed us a sip on her alphabet soup and it was just right.

So now we are well settled in. With tea and coffee and a kettle. A real kettle! To more evenings in BAR gallery. To new faces, great writing and hot drinks. Today felt like a good old WGWG meet up. We look forward to more just like this. WGWG are ready for you 2014.

See you for our first official session on the 6th February at 7.30pm

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4 Responses to Delicious Little Bites

alteredhands said...

Sorry I could not make this - I will be there for the next one.

On the issue of tea - do we have PG Tips?

clixby said...

The tea bags are Waitrose essential tea bags. Hope this will suffice - if not, you will have to supply your own PG tips as well as writing tips...

WGWG said...
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WGWG said...
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