Nice One

Well, I must say it was really good to get back to the group, I really miss it when there's a long gap between us all meeting up.  It was especially good last night as not only did we hear a very good, not to mention topical, poem from Clare, but we also had two newbies turn up.  It's always nice to have new people coming along, and even more so when they bring along such good work.  We all really liked Dustin's piece about a young couple who don't seem to have a lot in common any more.  It's just a shame that he is leaving town on Sunday  (I still really don't get what the stigmata was all about, but whatever...)  It was good to meet Deborah as well, and I hope she kept her promise to type up her story once she got back home ;-)  See you all on the 19th!

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