What Happened on Thursday

So you  want to know how it went at our Thursday Writers' Workshop meeting last week? Well...

I turned up fifteen minutes late. I know!  Me, late (but honestly it was not my fault, blame London Transport ) first time I've been late in about twenty two years, honest.  Lee was there waiting patiently for someone ( anyone ) to turn up.  So we sat in the library chatting until 6.30 and decided that no one else was going to turn up and were making our way to the pub when Marsha turned up.  Hurrah.  So we all decided that the pub was a good idea when Steve texted to say he had had some misunderstanding with the tube train he was on ( something to do with which direction it was going) and that he would be with us in thirty minutes.  We told him to meet us in the pub.  He thought about it for a nano second and agreed.  So we all sat in the pub discussing all sorts of things and having a grand time and a dog ate Marsha's crisps.  The End.

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