Hello, Goodbye

Tonight we said hello to one new member and a sad farewell to another, for Abidah is returning home to America.  So, after hearing one last fine poem from her, we bid her a fond farewell - we hope you come back and visit us again sometime Abidah! 

The new member is Judy ( although she's not really new, as apparently she came once before years ago, but as neither of us could remember the occasion, we will just count her as a newbie) A fine poem about a puddle was her contribution and it just shows what treasures can be found in the most unlikely of subjects. In fact, I don't think I will ever look at a puddle in the same way again.

Steve returned to the fold tonight with a great piece that included the word 'aileron' which none of us knew and had to look up ( see, the group is still being educational...) Don't forget to go to Liars' League on Tuesday if you want to hear more of his work, as one of his stories featuring the unforgettable Carmencita will be being read out by an actor. 

We heard another extract of Sajidah's continuing piece about a boy searching for meaning in the world and ended with Marsha reading out another piece from her very funny Sci Fiction series. As always, her story had a kick in the end with a very unusual way of defeating invading aliens. Don't make me tell you what it was - you will just have to wait until it's published...

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