It's Not the Quantity...'s the quality,  and we had some great quality last night.

 Only four of us (where were YOU?) but what a good night. First we had more of Dolgo's adventures - he has now progressed to practising his spitting technique on Oxford Street.  I'd love to know where Judith gets these ideas from - but am a bit scared to ask to be honest!  He is a true original and I love hearing about his adventures, although I'm not too sure I'd like to meet him in the flesh.  If you have never heard Judith read Dolgo's adventures, you are missing something.

Then on to Marsha who read her science fiction piece which contained some unpronounceable names - something like Bbberr'z and N.U.  Anyway, there is a bit of miscommunication between the Bbberr'z and N.U not to mention the Earthmen who have come to greet them.  It doesn't end well...

Only two stories, but they were both great so it was a good night all round - and it was especially good to see Mary back, her book is going to the printers today, Hurrah!

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