Like a Box of Chocolates...

As Sajidah said last night after the group, 'Gosh, you never know what you are going to hear each week do you!' And it's true.
Last night we were treated to some flash fiction from Cris that just might lead on to greater (and longer) things, a beautiful, sad poem about cancer from Abidah followed by another very funny and insightful piece from Marsha ( and here's a tip - never, ever diss James Brown in her presence ) plus another extract from Lorna's story. She has such a great voice in her young protagonist, a young lad confused by life, especially after his sister disappears, but is it YA or adult - and does it matter?

There was also another extract from Sajidah's story with another confused young man with the added bonus that, as he plays a crwth in the story, (no, me neither!) she bought in some footage of someone playing a crwth so we could hear what it sounds like. So here it is:- 

Now you can't say wgwg meetings aren't educational :-)

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