Like I said...

Well, that was a really good night even if I do say so myself.  We had a full house, with eleven people around the table and six readers, so for two hours we were treated to one great reading after another. 

We had a short piece from Lorna that I certainly want to hear more of (it was so good I will even overlook her unthinkable faux pas in not coming down the pub with us) Jessica, on her first visit, gave us a very witty piece and again, I'm looking forward to hearing more of her work. It's a great feeling (and something of a relief to be honest) when new people turn up and you just know as soon as they start to read their work that you are in safe hands. William's new poem was very clever and I think it fair to say that everyone enjoyed it, and that's no lie ( a little in-joke for those who were there folks...) 

Mary read a really strong new piece that led to a discussion with our resident trainee midwife about what colour new born babies are when they emerge - you can't say this group is not educational!  We had a further installment of Chris's creepy story - just what is it that's lurking out there?  And Marsha made it with minutes to spare in order to read a piece that had us all laughing out loud, what a great performer she is.  

This is what it's all about - great readings from everyone, laughter, discussion and help with work in progress, with a few jars at the end - what's not to like?  And this week there was the added bonus that again we were able to meet in the Education Room and we were led to understood that Lee is happy (yes, you heard it here first) and last, but not least, we were blessed (?) by a rare visit from Bilal.

Like I said, it was a good night, just you make sure you don't miss the next one!

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