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Willesden Green Writers podcast series: 1

Two poems by Daljit Nagra (mp3)

We were honoured to have the celebrated poet Daljit Nagra as special guest in the Metrowords festival Willesden Writers Group event. He read with great gusto and good humour, alternating loud and humourous poems with quieter, touchingly sad ones. The publishers will only allow us to podcast two of the poems, and I have chosen "In a White Town" and "Darling & Me!", very reluctantly having to leave out the other equally brilliant ones, which you can read in Look We Have Coming to Dover! (Faber, 2007).

Recording of complete event (with Daljit's readings edited down to two out of six, alas) (40 mb mp3, could take a while to download - only practical on broadband). Apart from the poems listed here, Daljit also read "The Speaking of Bagwinder Singh Sagoo", "To the Wealth of India" and "Parade's End".

The complete program:
  1. Welcome and intros (Stephen Moran)
  2. Jeff Achampong reading from a novel-in-progress, working title "Haemoglobin S".
  3. Lynsey Rose reads two poems and an excerpt from newly completed novel.
  4. Claudette Gordon reads four new poems.
  5. Elle Ludkin reads love poems and a journal about a loved one's battle with cancer.
  6. Stephen Moran reads five poems: "To the People of New Earth", "Willesden Sunset, January", "Lines Between Day and Night", "The Dolls' Hospital" and "Inisheer".
  7. Dale Arndell reads a short story.
  8. (At last!) Daljit Nagra, reading from "Look We Have Coming to Dover!"

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