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30 June

A good but short evening. We listened to and gave feedback on all four pieces by 9.20pm.

Is it 'lasagna' or 'lasagne'?

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Someone old
Someone new
Someone talented
Someone... phew

I remember last year Anne or I would arrive for 8pm but people kept on drifting in til 8.20, which is when we would start. We seem to be back to punctuality, starting the readings a couple of minutes after 8. Which is good because it was a packed session.

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Not Jackanory

Ten people this week, two of whom were new to the group. We heard various pieces featuring amongst other things, child abuse, prostitutes and unicorns, beat that Jackanory.

Plus we had some very good poems from Steve, Lee and newbie Tim. In fact there was so much going on Bilal didn't get to read, which means he's on first next week - so don't be late.

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