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We had our first meeting in the garden of our new home last night.  Yes, summer has come to wgwg (and possibly gone, judging from the skies this morning) We sat out on (artificial) grass, shaded by leafy trees and eating cornbread (thank you Naa) and listened to two stories. We only needed some wine to make it perfect (though one of us might just have had enough alcohol  before we began - I'm naming no names, you know who you are...) And our numbers were briefly swollen by the appearance of a cat and then a squirrel and then a parakeet flew by. All in all, a delightful evening.  Oh, yes, the creative writing...

Clare read from the beginning of her new book, which seems to be leading to something fantastic, I can't wait to see what she does with those eccentric characters.  Then Mary read her new piece featuring a Korean tiger mum - or is she?  Different viewpoints, different cultures, again I'm left wanting to know where this one is going to go...

And then, after a brief scrummage through a skip, we repaired to the pub.  Perfect.

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Spreadsheets Abound on the 5th May

The sun was out. The committee was in. Everyone else was out.  So we did some admin. Reminisced and refreshed old names and faces. Read an old blog post from chemically high friends. Next time, it will rain and we shall not do admin. We shall hear great creative flow.

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