Respect festival: Guests and short story slam

Guests and 5-minute story slam, suggested theme "Respect". Come to listen and enjoy in our 1002nd Arabian Night tent, or enter the slam.

You can come just to listen and enjoy or if you wish to enter the slam, please write a 5-minute story and come to Roundwood Park in London NW10 on Sunday, July 8th after 5pm, and put your name in the hat. Yes a real hat. And a real bell will ensure that you don't go over 5 minutes, if your name is pulled from the hat. And a real literary belle, multi-award winning author Vanessa Gebbie, will pick the winner (guided by the shouts and hollers of your mates). Please copy or forward this announcement to as many people you know as might be interested.

But First

Starting at 5 p.m. we're going to whip the crowd up into a stupor before the slam starts with readings from local writers and special guests. There will be contributors from Willesden Writers Workshop. There will be some poetry from poets in the "Last Night's Dream Corrected" anthology. The "Willesden Herald: New Short Stories" crew with multiple award-winning writers Vanessa Gebbie, Jonathan Attrill and Bilal Ghafoor will lead up to some time about 6:30 p.m. perhaps.

About 6:30 p.m. the contents of the hat will be inspected and this is where your name should be - in the hat - if you want to win the Respect Festival 5-minute short story slam. Names will be pulled from the hat and called in turn to read. The five-minute time will be strictly enforced with the aid of a great clanging bell (a small tinkling one really).

The Slam

We'll take as many 5-minute stories as we can before 7:20-ish (bearing in mind we have to close at 7:30 p.m.) and then Vanessa Gebbie will choose the winner. The judge might be somewhat influenced by rowdy clapping and cheering by the crowd. (There better be a crowd, then.) If there are several all deserving of winning, the one most appropriate for the Respect festival day may be favoured. So, we're not telling you to write on the theme "Respect", but if you do, it won't do you any harm at all (hint, hint).

Brent Respect 2007
The Storytelling Tent, Roundwood Park, NW10
Sunday July 8th, 5 to 7:30 pm

Click here for Brent Respect Festival Programme 2007 including illustrated map of Roundwood Park and the Festival tents, stages, bars etc. (If you come early you can enjoy the whole Sunday starting from 2 p.m.)

This event is also listed as part of the London Literature Festival fringe "London Lit Plus" - so you get to say "I read at the London Literature Festival fringe. C'mon! Wot?

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Brent Respect 2007
Willesden Green Writers
RISE: London United Against Racism
London Lit Plus Festival
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