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We taught us everything he knew!

Antony Wootten’s debut novel, A Tiger Too Many, is a dramatic and powerful page-turner for the 9-12 age range. Set in London Zoo during World War II, it is a tense tale of a young girl’s desperate struggle to save her beloved tiger-cub. Despite the traumas of air-raids and evacuation, and her older brother going missing in action, Jill never gives up, even when the zoo itself is bombed and she finds herself amongst the burning debris... called it “real edge-of-the-seat-stuff”.

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An unexpectedly good evening (most of the regulars had said they would not be able to make it, so I did not have high hopes).

I guess that I was the only member of that rarest of minorities, a Londoner (although, in my heart, I don't even think of myself as British); we had three women from the US, a S African dude and our resident Irishman.

Mary's novel is going from strength to strength, but thank god I managed to not like 2 sentences...

See y'all in a fortnight...

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