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Things bob within the story circle

Many people missed but not forgotten at the 2nd meeting in May. A small turn out but Marie returned. Brilliant! We like returnees and she brought a friend...We like Marie even more for that.
This time saw us test driving the playroom earlier than anticipated. So we helped ourselves to cushions and formed a little story circle and were treated to bobbing penises and hot yoghurts from Lynn. Flash fiction-cum-poems have great power to disgust and endear in one.
Then our new artist( I mean, if the name fits...) treated us to an idea he's working on and our minds explored distance galaxies,  artificial intelligence and whether you always needed a cute kid in sci-fi. No pub this time, but the gem of a Halloween piss-up thrown out there. 

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New an appropriate setting

So Thursday was our first meeting in the Kensal Green nursery where little people discover new things during the day and we discover new voices in the evening. We were treated to the teasing this-could-go-lots-of-different-but-also-parallel-ways beginnings of a novel from Clare, the prose-come-drama-more-dialogue-less-narration-less-farting-and-flooding of Steve's factory workers and from new-person-I-saw-your-sign-outside-the-door Marie, we had the prologue-or-is-it-a-first-chapter of her novel. All were well received with much discussion/debate. My, we do appear to be an indecisive lot but we're getting better. See below


  1. The time is now 7.30pm. Latecomers will be shot by SJ. 
  2. We shall keep the signs outside for a little while so people can find us and we get lovely surprises like Marie but not for too long....
  3. We will all leave quietly at 9.30pm and together as one.
  4. We will use the staffroom/big chairs until we no longer fit when we will then move to sit in"story time"circles in one of the delightful playrooms.
All the above, except number 4,  is driven by the annoyingly loud alarm which prevents the little Houdinis from getting away. 

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