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A Good Read ( or three )

After a last minute scare when we thought the library had lost our, 'Willesden Green Writers' Workshop' box ( now that would have been a disaster) we found it under a pile of books in the storeroom, and continued up to the second floor to catch our breath and thank the gods of lost things...

Only three readers last night, but it was quality over quantity all the way.  Steve read a children's story about a dog called Patch - who will probably live happily ever after...Mary continued with her wonderful Korean story and provoked a lively discussion about how men and women view things differently - that one will run and run!  And Marsha read a stunning peace remembering her Saturday mornings in the 60's which she spent watching and leaning about life from the women who gathered at her home to eat and gossip as they relaxed together and had their hair dressed and tortured into the latest styles. What a great piece of writing, we definitely want more please.

We also had a visit from a guest, Leighton, who told us about his exciting writing project.  There will be more about this project when we have got all the details so watch this space...

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Works of Fire

It was a damp squib tonight. The rain on fireworks that is, not the writing. As usual the writing and the conversation shot up and exploded with sparkling beauty. Horace treated us to a slice of the dark underbelly of London and the powerful people that want to take advantage of those that live in it. Sajidah had more modest dreams tonight which lead Steve to tell us about his dreams of German fiscal figureheads. Mary has started retracing her steps, revisiting beautiful prose that chills to the bone and Marsha's geriatric hero was sent on a long awaited mission. If the first pages are anything to go by, there'll be laughter all along that journey. 

Sadly the weather and early morning engagements meant no one much fancied the pub, but we did discuss Willesden Green's new waterhole offerings. Join us next time, November 19th, to see if we venture out of our Rising Sun comfort zone. Sangria anyone? 

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Fireworks are us.

The next meeting of wgwg is on Thursday 5th November, so do come along for some spectacular literary fireworks.  And as we now meet 6 - 7.45pm, you can come to the workshop and still have time to see the sky's light up over Willesden afterwards.  Or you could just come to the pub with us - tough call :-)

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