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Now there are nine

What are the chances of two new people joining wgwg last night, both being called Ian? I don't know - what am I a maths genius? Anyway a very good night ensued with two excellent children's stories, a poem, a fantasy with an alarming amount of flaming resin (you had to be there) a very good mystery short story and the extremely promising start of a new book set in Korea. Then off down the pub. Perfect.

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And then there were five

So, at 8pm we appeared to have only one person who had anything to read out. Given that a new member had turned up, this looked to be embarrassing.

By 8.03pm I gave up and started downloading my manuscript on my phone to read out an excerpt. Desperation.

By 8.10pm another person turned up with something to read. It looked promising.

Miraculously, by 8.20pm we had 9 people and 5 readings set to go...

I love it when a plan comes together (after the Hannibal Smith).


August 11th

We are carrying on regardless tonight, so feel free to come and join us, we figure that after three days the rioters must be tired by now...

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