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Last night

I was repeatedly let down:

Anne said that she would be late. She wasn't.

I thought I would bring cake. I didn;t.

I thought Mary would read from her novel. She didn't.

I though Lee would read about sex. He didn't.

I thought I would bring in something rewritten. I didn't (although, thank God, no one noticed).

On the other hand:

Anne as on time, so I got to chat with her. Awesome.

Cake it bad for you. Fair enough.

If Mary had read from her novel, I would be have been driven made with jealousy as it is so good. In the event, she read out something and, as soon as she was done, turned (to me? Or everyone?) and said 'you hated that didn't you?' I was able to say 'yes' and being so mean did my soul a power of good.

Lee reading about sex would merely have revved my engine...

People were very nice about my writing.

See... it was actually a great evening.

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Seven Go Exploring

Fiction and travel writing Ukraine, America and Pakistan. Free birthday cake from another table in the pub. There's only one thing left to say. nom nom nom

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Concrete Boats

I love it when it all comes together as it did last night.  Eight stalwart members, five fantastic readings and good craic in the pub afterwards - and lovely Lily is back from her travels. Truly our cups runneth over.

And please look out for the following - yes, it's not all sitting around drinking in The Rising Sun you know...

Mary's book,'The Tarot Killer' is out next week: 

The Green Press are publishing Lynsey's book, 'First Aid Kit Girl' in January.

SJ's book appears to have sold out but will be in stock again soon, never fear!

The conversation in the pub?  I remember something about someone who walked around with a lump of cheese on their head for four days ( think it might have been Peter Green, or was it Syd Barrett?)  Then there was definitely a concrete boat, oh and lots about death and drugs.  Then there was a sort of mini boot sale, and we decided against blockading Harlesden Road. It's probably for the best.

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