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It never rains but it pours

Ok - wgwg is officially declaring summer over, and thus all future meetings will be in the ususal Space 1 room upstairs in the library centre. See you tomorrow ( with or without filth )

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Started at 8pm, over by 8.30pm. Swift exit not caused by filth being read out, rather by only one person bringing anything to read out! Lets try again next week...

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Bring it on!

Tomorrow wgwg will be meeting in the library, in the usual room upstairs.
With added filth apparently...

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Summer holidays take their toll

Not to say that WGwg has taken a more continental approach, but the summer holidays seem to have thinned out the attendance a bit. But this week saw some new stories, three new faces, and a challenge for next week.

Have you been holding back a bit of risqué writing? Are you concerned about giving offence to artistic sensibilities of the group? Well, 19 August is your chance to prove that good writing can include naughty bits, the unofficial WGwg challenge is to bring some writing that's got the good kind of filth in it.

Don't worry if you're not inclined to write for more prurient interests, other content is still quite welcome.

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Libraries R us

Yes, it's the Willesden Green Library for the wgwg's tomorrow evening, sans Lily.
Bon Voyage Lily, we will miss you...

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Hello! Goodbye!

Bilal survived a duststorm, Mary had a handful of gore, Maureen tried to pin down the moment, Lynsey couldn't sleep and we said au revoir to Lily.

There were eleven of us, so not everyone got to read, shock horror! Them's the breaks I'm afraid. But fear not, those who lost out this week get to read first next week...

Now on to Saturday and Lily's goodbye BBQ, with a chance for everyone to say 'hello' to baby Milo.

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Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Well, only tomorrow actually.

Tomorrow (Thursday 5th Aug) we will be meeting in the 'Education Room', so prepare to be Educated. It is downstairs in the library centre, behind the lift to the museum.
See you there!

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