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Tonight's WGWG cancelled

Apologies for the late notice but unfortunately we've had to cancel tonight's session. We do hope you will return with us for the next one on May the 4th.

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This and That

So, Tom came back which was good, and we are looking forward to hearing his work next time ( no pressure, but he did promise!) and Daniel read out another of his stream of consciousness poems.  We hope to have copies of his work for the next reading as it's frustrating for him - and for us - to try and catch the meaning without seeing the poems written down...

Clare read out a revised start to her latest story which made everyone want to know where it was leading - there are a couple of strong characters and her protagonist is not in a good place, whilst her father is lost in Antarctica.  A bit of tinkering with the timelines and we will be flying with this story, I can't wait!

 Marsha read a new piece that led to a very interesting discussion, especially as Rachel Dolezal is still featuring in the headlines.  Will we all be white in 200 years or will everyone want to be black?  Who knows, there is a very strong story here, and I wonder where it is going to end. Marsha has gone off to have a think...

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