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Travelling (Thursday 15th)

Seven of us tonight - and we were taken to Central America, Korea and Russia, not bad for a quiet Thursday night. I know we had some damn fine writing read out but I'm not sure what happened afterwards, 'cos I went home, too tired to go for even a quick drink - shock horror...

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!


Steve's Idea

Remember back in the day when we used to do 'writing exercises'? Well, guess what, we did one last night - I know!

The first hour we had a very good poem from 'rising star in the literary firmament' Tim, and an excellent excerpt from Bilal's novel. Then, instead of disappearing down the pub, some sort of insanity took hold and we performed the aforementioned writing exercise, it has to be said, with varying levels of success. It was all Steve's fault, he suggested it and we took some persuading but once it was done I think we all felt a little pleased with ourselves for putting in the effort - or maybe not, depending on our level of success. Will we do it again next time - who knows? Will new member Chris come again - we hope so. Will there be more bay leaves, yes I do believe there will be.

So join us on 15th March for more rigorous literary criticism, a possible writing exercise (really?) and free bay leaves (!)

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