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Big Crowd in tonight

Biggest crowd in ages tonight - 11 people and more readers than we could fit into the two hours.

It was really nice to hear so many good pieces and a pleasure that everyone there contributed useful comments.

The writers tonight took us to the sea, to a canal then a car owned by an onanist...

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Extracurricular activity: The Golden Hour on 24 May

Fans of poetry and prose should check out The Golden Hour: a cabaret evening of literary delights. Visit the Green Note (106 Parkway, Camden NW1 7AN), readings from Erica Duffy, Jane Flett, Jason Morton and Ryan Van Winkle, a selection of live music and a Paper Cinema.
£5 admission, show starts at 7pm.

Oh yeah, also, Sam Taradash, one of the WGwg writers, will be reading something. So there's a "local" boy in this international literary brouhaha.

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Short but sweet

There were nine people in tonight but only two readings, which was fine as these took over an hour to listen to and discuss.

Readings about Japan and Pakistan...

A new member came along, who seemed very charming and we were glad to see a couple of people who had not been in a while.

The room is getting hot - we might try to move to the Rising Sun beer garden when it starts roasting... will keep everyone posted.


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Thursday 13 May 2010

A new chap emailed us today and we naturally invited him to come along. Anne and I were there before 8pm. He turned up at 8 and we chatted... at 8.20 it looked like it would just be the three of us (embarrassing). Luckily, a couple of other members joined us and it turned out to be a good session with three readings. Anne wrote a poem called an amusing pantoum which I had to look up just before she read it out (

A few other members have said they will come next week.


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