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Nice one

SJ hadn't bought anything to read, but she sported a top hat, so she is forgiven ( I have the photo should anyone want to see it ) Naa read a story straight out of her school exercise book, which she wrote when she was fifteen, that crazy mixed up kid. Clare bought along a hot water bottle and the wrong story, so didn't read ( but has been shortlisted for the Pan Macmillan 'Write Now' competition, so a little excited confusion is understandable).  Lynsey read a great little short story that used to be a poem - fabulous twist at the end.  Watch out for her new book, 'First Aid Kit Girl ' out on Amazon any time now ( and many thanks for the wine! ) Steve didn't read, then he did, then he didn't, then he did - and it was worth the wait.  Dan turned up after a hiatus of around five years and didn't read, but he looks like Roddy Doyle so that was ok.  Then it was all down the pub for hand clicking, witty banter, heckling from the next table, and much consumption of tea and alcoholic beverages.  Nice.

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Continuity WGwg

The Continuity WGwg met last night at the house of a sympathiser.

Details of what ensued are secret.

I could post about it, but then I'd have to kill everyone on the internet.

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