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Two blasts from the past...

Really wgwg, you are spoiling us, last night we had not only the return of Jarred but Bilal as well - who'd a thought it.  

Judith started off the night with another snatch of Dolgo's life, and what a picture she painted! You might think that Parliament is a starchy establishment - but our Dolgo is a cleaner there and he has a key...  What goes on in the Home Secretary's office after hours is, to put it mildly, surprising, if not pornographic. 

David read us a short piece featuring a dad and his son thinking about skateboarding - ooh not sure that is a good idea.  David's piece had me squirming - and not because of the writing. How embarrassed would you be if your dad wanted to take you skateboarding? Exactly. 

Jarred is appalled by the American election result and his piece did not pull any punches.  It might have been an allegory, but waves of beasts arriving on a beach to be met with slaughter did not take too much effort to decipher.  A really strong piece.  I wish he'd come back to visit us more often, but he's a very busy man with many balls kept spinning in the air, not to mention he's now a doting father - got any baby photos to show us Jarred ;-)

Bilal didn't read, but he was there and gave feedback and I guess that's all is needed from Bilal ( but if you ever do pick up your pen again and write something we want to hear it first.)

Then it was off to the pub for three cups of tea, a coke and a tonic water - and I'm not even kidding. I can't believe I just wrote that - have we lost the plot?  

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It's Not the Quantity...'s the quality,  and we had some great quality last night.

 Only four of us (where were YOU?) but what a good night. First we had more of Dolgo's adventures - he has now progressed to practising his spitting technique on Oxford Street.  I'd love to know where Judith gets these ideas from - but am a bit scared to ask to be honest!  He is a true original and I love hearing about his adventures, although I'm not too sure I'd like to meet him in the flesh.  If you have never heard Judith read Dolgo's adventures, you are missing something.

Then on to Marsha who read her science fiction piece which contained some unpronounceable names - something like Bbberr'z and N.U.  Anyway, there is a bit of miscommunication between the Bbberr'z and N.U not to mention the Earthmen who have come to greet them.  It doesn't end well...

Only two stories, but they were both great so it was a good night all round - and it was especially good to see Mary back, her book is going to the printers today, Hurrah!

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