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The Eagle Has Landed!

Well, there you have it, we are back home at last, where it all began twenty two years ago.  I can't tell you what a relief it is to be back meeting in Willesden Green Library once again, it's like coming home after a particularly long and frustrating journey.  Although we never completely gave up hope, we came pretty close to it sometimes. Having roamed about Willesden and its environs for two years surviving on the kindness of strangers and each other to find somewhere to meet, it was brilliant how instantly at home we felt in the library last night.

So, I hear you ask, what occurred on this momentous occasion?  Well...

Steve has apparently been eavesdropping on a conversation between god and his herald, it was full of Steve's usual sly humour and it christened our new residency at the library in a fitting manner.  Next, newcomer Sajidah read out a dream of a story ( or is it...? ) I am definitely wanting to hear more of this one!  Clare's story is set in different time lines, it's very complicated and quite wonderful and we hope our comments were helpful to her because we are all rooting for her to find a way of juggling the different aspects.  And if you want to know how it feels to be shot in the head, then you could do worse than listen to Mary's description in her piece set in Korea. Her writing just gets better and better, it's almost hypnotic to hear her read it, it has such a dreamlike quality. Last to read was another new member, Marsha, with a very good, witty piece that led to an interesting discussion on gender politics to round up the night. I don't think we hear enough Sci Fiction at the group, so this was a very welcome piece - more please!

So  that was how our first meeting went, and then of course it was off  to the The Rising Sun, it's traditional, and so it had to be done.  I just hope Steve found his way home ok...

Next meeting is November 5th, so watch out for some fireworks, both literary and literally...

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All Systems Go!

This Thursday - 15th October, will finally see wgwg back in it's old home at Willesden Green Library.  It's been a long time coming, but we made it. Same place ( sort of ) but at a different time - we will now be starting at 6pm and running until 7.45pm.  £3 per session attended.

We really hope you can make it, it might just change your life...

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