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Nothing to report

So, I waited until 6:25 and took an executive decision and went home.
Honorable mention to Marsha, who was just about to set out when I texted her, so at least she didn't have a wasted journey.

I hope no one else turned up after 6:25 (it's your own fault for being late if you did!)

Better luck in March :-)

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Tom Waits - Chocolate Jesus

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Questions, questions

'That was good wasn't it?'  said Clare as we were leaving wgwg last night.  And you know what - it was good.

Marsha arrived before the end of the group - hurrah (!) so we were treated to her very funny account of a man from Trinidad ( or was it Barbados?) and his plan to get away from his wife for a few days. It was a brilliant piece, but I can't help being very pleased I'm not married to this scheming trickster!

Daniel has reworked his poem from last week and it has become much more understandable but as Marsha pointed out, he needs to work out if it is a piece of poetry or a stream of consciousness ( or is it both?)

Judith's Dolgo has now made his way into Westminster Cathedral and is waiting to receive the Host, because he is hungry, why else.  But is it the Host, or is it a piece of Vanilla cheesecake he receives?  And do chocolate Jesus's exist for sale in the gift shop or not - we need to know!

David is starting a new course and bought us his homework to peruse.  It was an allegory set on an island where something untoward is definitely going on.  But we all thought that maybe Starbucks was ripe for a bit of allegory action as well.  He has to hand it in today, so I'm not sure he will have time to carry out our suggestions and add a bit of Starbucks, but was a very well written piece which we enjoyed hearing.

Clare's piece continued with her protagonist on a plane annoying the stewardess by reading via her laptop.  But an angry stewardess is the least of her problems.  I'm not sure yet about who will actually turn out to be the real villain in this piece. Is it the father who is the villain, or is it actually the daughter?  Hmm, time will tell...

Oh and for those still wondering about the chocolate Jesus - Tom Waits certainly thinks they exist...

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